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A Few True Stories
I don’t need to keep harping on what ifs to make a point. There are plenty of couples who have travelled the world together, some still are, who have chosen the nomadic life for themselves. Read on about them and maybe they will inspire you to take the plunge into travelling together.

  • Dawn and Sean travelled for more than eighteen months. Both of them agree that there are moments when they argue their head out but they have eventually learnt to resolve the issues quickly. Letting the anger and resentment stay longer creates bad air and ill feelings, both traits undesirable when they are on a road trip together.

    Dawn says that travelling as a couple is a different ball game altogether. It is very different from being a single backpacker and travelling according to one’s own whims and fancies. Instead while travelling as a couple, both the partners have to be understanding to each other’s comfort and discomforts.

    It’s a trick that they will slowly learn and by the time they re enter their homes, things would have been sorted out. When Sean and Dawn are back from travelling, they extensively blog about their travel experiences and plan for more trips! They inspire people with their talks on the benefits of travelling as a couple.
  • Another couple, Elise and Anthony have been travelling together for more than a year. Their decision came right after their honeymoon trip that they would spend more time together travelling. They gave themselves one year before they settled down in one place.

    Elise thinks that even travelling for shorter breaks can teach more life lessons than any school curriculum can. Anthony says that the idea that the couple is travelling together as one unit is comfort giving. God forbid, if something were to go wrong, the other person is always there together help tackle the problem.

    Elise and Anthony have changed and repaired flat tires at high altitudes and even had cold nights without enough food supply. Both of them say that a road trip can help anyone come out stronger and most importantly, very emotionally attached to each other.

Not Just For The Young
There are other interesting couples who are much older and have adopted travelling successfully after finishing their stint of responsible parenting.

  • David and Veronica’s travel plans took off when their children were old enough to look after themselves. After 30 years of marriage, they now enjoy a new found vigor and happiness in following a nomadic life.

    They decided one day to sell all their assets and took off. David tells us that most of his life he has been busy looking after the family and working to meet financial needs but once they were free and decided to hit the roads, their relationship has gone to newer levels with both being able to spend quality time with each other. Something that they could not afford in the first thirty years of their married life.
  • Eric and Karen, other empty nesters have also been travelling extensively for well over one year. The idea of a short vacation seems alien to them. They like to just take off and see what life throws at them. They are very sure though that whatever it is they will tackle it well and come out more stronger and more closer to each other.
  • A Chinese couple, Chen and Wong decided to take off and travel the western coast of the United States. This they did this driving through all nineteen days and hold your breath, without knowing too many sentences of spoken English!

    Wong thinks that if the will to travel is strong, the inability to converse in a regional language is a small issue. They asked for road directions and other basic things using sign language.

    Chen who has been a bus driver all her life says that driving for leisure is liberating than driving to make a livelihood. The couple has also explored some of the world’s ruthless terrains. They follow a shoe string budget and they manage with rice brought from home and an electrical rice cooker. Water they get free from various motels lining the coast.

    Both of them say that they could have stayed at home and looked after their grandchildren but they have a heart that yearns to discover the unseen. The same sentiment that most other older couples seem to say!

Remember that travel is not just about a planned vacation once a year to a nice hotel resort to get some much needed rest, it is so much more. And if you are on that journey with a partner who is loving and supportive, and as curious as you, then your journey will be a delight!